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U.S. Department of Education (EDU) Lawsuit

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The newest chapter of the student loan crises continued as the Department of Education and a Private Collection Agency are facing 17 lawsuits alleging that it harmed student loan borrowers by claiming to be engaging in law enforcement when they collected student debt payments.

It is alleged that this has affected millions of students since 2014. The Judge, Thomas Wheeler, has consolidated all the suits into one case. The case is now moving toward the discovery process of gathering evidence.

Regardless of the outcomes student loan borrowers should check to see if they were properly enrolled into loan forgiveness or an income-driven plan to reduce their payments. Many of these programs were NOT offered during the time the Department of Education may have been claiming to be engaged in law enforcement.

You can look up your federal loans on the Federal Student Aid website or contact a Certified Enrollment Center to check on your eligibility:

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