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Student Education Center is a Certified Enrollment Center Company. SEC/CEC specializes in federal student loan document preparation and processing services to help each borrower identify and gain approval for one or multiple different government debt relief programs. Once your financial analysis is complete our agents will help you find a repayment solution that works best for you and fits your specific financial situation and goals

We are not a government agency, the Department of Education, or your loan servicer.

Student Education Center/Certified Enrollment Center is a private company, not affiliated with the government or the Department of Education. We work strictly on behalf of the borrower, for the borrower, with only the borrower's best interest in mind. As a Client of Student Education Center/Certified Enrollment Center, you will always know that you have the finest team of advocates working hard for you every step of the way

We do not make loan payments on your behalf and loans remain in your name.

We assist in identifying appropriate government loan repayment programs and assist in document preparation to apply for the programs. Any fees that you pay to Certified Enrollment Center are for its services and you are responsible for repaying your loan separately.

Do it yourself without a fee – all programs are freely available for enrollment through the Department of Education.

You could do your own taxes for free, but wouldn't you rather trust an experienced tax professional to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefits available for your unique situation? Would you feel comfortable having the IRS complete your tax return for you instead of a trusted adviser? With a record number of student loan borrowers falling victim to default each day, we at Certified Enrollment Center know first hand how difficult navigating these programs can be. For some, navigating through multiple loan servicers, loan structures and statuses and confusing small print and different payment due dates every month can be overwhelming. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We attempt to take the stress out of finding programs that meet the financial needs of our clients.

We only receive payment for our work after your loan forms are prepared, submitted, and you make your first payment on the new program.

To the extent that you set aside funds for our services, we are not allowed to collect them until after we have completed our work and you have made a payment on your new repayment program.
At Student Education Center/Certified Enrollment Center, our employees have helped thousands of consumers find a student loan repayment plan that is more in line with their current financial situation. You can count on us to evaluate and assist you in developing a fiscal plan that better suits your desired lifestyle.

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We do not negotiate, adjust or settle debts or provide legal advice. This site is for informational purposes only to help individuals better understand programs/strategies that may be available. All federal student borrowers are able to and encouraged to learn about, and apply for, any federal re-payment and forgiveness programs through the US Department of Education and other sources for free without paying fees to any person, company, or counselor. Nothing on this site constitutes ANY official qualification or ANY guarantee of result. ​

By responding to this offer, I agree that SEC/CEC may contact me at the phone number provided via automated technology, including autodialing, prerecorded message, artificial voice, and/or text message. I understand that I do not have to consent to receive such calls or text messages in order to purchase goods or services from CEC. ​​

Please note: Only the US Department of Education can provide determination of eligibility and exact payment amount for any government forgiveness or repayment program listed on this website. Also, all forgiveness and re-payment programs may be applied to for free without paying anyone for assistance through the US Department of Education. Our calculators, estimators and eligibility tools are strictly to help consumers understand potential options estimate potential payments and do not provide any guarantee of enrollment, qualification, or payment amount for ANY programs. ​

© Copyright 2017-2018 Student Education Center - Certified Enrollment Center ALL RIGHT RESERVED | SEC/CEC is not affiliated in any way with any federal or state agency. | SEC/CEC is a private company and is not a government entity. SEC/CEC is a document preparation and tracking service. Our service is only for the Preparation and Tracking of your documents. We do not provide legal or financial advice.

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